Al Habib Omar Bin Mohammad Bin Salem Bi Hafidh

Al Habib Omar Bin Mohammad Bin Salem Bi Hafidh

Bismillāhi ar-Raḥmāni ar-Raḥīm

Al Hamdulillãh who grants beneficial rains, and who –subhãnahu wa ta’ãlã- revives the seed of Kalimah Tayibah in the hearts, for it to yield truths as Allah said in the Holy Quran:

{ Alam tara kayfa daraba LLãhu mathalan , Kalimatan Tayibah, ka shajaratin Tayyibah, asluhã thãbit wa far’uhã fil samã’ * tu-tì ukulahã kulla hìn bi idhni rabbihã, wa yadribu LLãhu al amthãla linnãsi la’allahum yatadhakkarùn(1)/ Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, [making] a good word like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed [in the ground] and its branches [high] in the sky, it produces its fruit all the time, by permission of its Lord. And Allah presents examples for the people that perhaps they will be remided}.  

May Allah send his salãt and salãm upon the most fragrant one, who spreads out his sweet scent, and who is Al Rahmãn’s closest and most beloved,  ‘Mohammad’ –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam-, the most loyal and truthful among mankind whom Allah addresses with His divine words { wa mã yantiqu ‘anil hawã in huwa illã wahyun yùhã(2)/ he [Prophet Mohammad] only speaks what Allah reveals to him}  and upon his noble and blessed family and descendants and companions who have harvested the fruit of al Kalimah al Tayibah –the good word- that was implemented in the fertile land of their hearts. For them, the fruits of this word were abundant and blessed and from this word, they spoke words of wisdom, and were filled with determination and motivation, and thus became the foundation of the goodness and re-establishment of this Ummah, as well as those who truthfully followed them (al tãbi’ìn), and may Allah send His salãt and salam upon the other Prophets and Messengers and upon their families and their companions and all those who followed them and will follow them until the Day of Judgment.

This virtuous project and righteous comprehensive curriculum called ‘Kalimah Tayibah’, that is addressed to the younger generation, the boys and girls of this Ummah, is a blessed work, that Allah granted them the ability to perform. It is written properly, according to the level of understanding of the youth, with an ability to plant in their hearts the seed of Kalimah Tayibah for it to yield the fruit of becoming close to the Prophet –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam-, understanding his high status and  following his teachings, in addition to purifying their hearts and souls from their flaws and defects and replacing them with noble manners.

May Allah grant all His blessing and barakah to our beloved brothers and sisters who are behind this righteous comprehensive curriculum, and may Allah grant them more virtue and inspiration to yield the best fruits and acquire the best characteristics and reach higher levels and may they be in Allah’s special circle of care and protection with a stronger connection to the ayãt and to His blessed Prophet –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam- the seal of all Prophets and Messengers, along with all the goodness he has left.

And may Allah grant us and them the utmost joy and may He grant the greatest rewards to each one who has contributed in spreading this series of books and made it easy for it, and other series, to reach all Muslims; and al Hamdulillahi rabbil ‘ãlamìn.

Omar Bin Mohammad Bin Sãlem Bin Hafìdh
Tarìm-Hadramout, Dar al Mustafa bi Tarìm
3 dhul qi’dah 1436 H
18 August 2015