Participate in the campaign entitled: ‘ By His Grace, you became brothers ’ to reach 500 billion salãt and salãm ‘ala Rasùlillãh ﷺ from the beginning of the month of Shawwal till the Day of Arafah.
We will dedicate 300 salãt and salãm ‘ala Rasùlillãhﷺto every Muslim around the world from the Mountain of Arafah, asking Allah to forgive all Muslims for the sins they have committed that were the cause of the dispute and conflict amongst them, and asking Him to remove any grudge from their hearts for them to become kind and loving brothers to one another.


The form of salãt ‘ala nnabi used is:
‘Allãhomma salli ‘ala Sayyidinã Mohammad wa ãlihi wa sallim’or
‘Allãhomma salli ‘ala Sayyidinã Mohammad wa ãlihi wa sahbihi wa sallim’

We will dedicate 300 salãt ‘ala nnabi # from the Mountain of Arafah on the Day of Arafah to every Muslim in the world, asking Allah to forgive all Muslims for the sins they have committed that were the cause of theconflict, enmity and hatred amongst them. By that, we hope that Allah removes the grudge from their hearts and brings them together as brothers that are kind and loving to one another, as mentioned in the Holy Quran:
{United, hold on to the bond that keeps you connected to Allah and do not be divided. And remember Allah’s favor to you: you were enemies and then He brought your hearts together and you became brothers by His Grace; you were on the verge of falling into Hell fire but Allah saved you from it. As such, Allah clarifies His revelations for you so that you may be guided [to the right path]} -Sùrat ãl Imrãn: 103.

It was said that the two tribes in al Madìnah al Munawwarah named al Awss and al Khazraj originated from two brothers whose children became enemies, which led to a war between them that lasted one hundred and twenty years. This war was fed by the Jews of al Madìnahasa group of Jews supported al Awss and another group supported al Khazraj; they were supplying each tribe with arms and weapons.Both parties of Jews agreed to keep this war ongoing between these two tribes. When Rasùlullãh ﷺ moved to al Madìnah and its people converted to Islam, Allah brought peace between al Awss and al Khazraj, purifying their hearts from any previous hatred and enmity as described inthe Holy Quran:
{It is He [Allah] who strenghthened you with His help and with the believers, and brought their hearts together.Even if you had given away everything in the earth you could not have done this, but Allah brought them together: Allah is al ‘Azìz( The Mighty) al-Hakìm (The Wise) (63)}-Sùrat al Anfãl:62-63.
When some of the Jew leaders in al Madìnah noticed how al Awss and al Khazraj were on good terms, friendly and kind to each other, they said to themselves: ‘If these two tribes unite, we would not have any power in al Madìnah anymore’ ( for the Jews only prosper when people are apart). Therefore, they assigned a young Jewto ignite the fire of enmity back again between the two tribes.One day, when people from both al Awss and al Khazraj were amicably gathered, he sneaked in and began reciting the poems related to bi’ãth day, reminding them of this particular dayin the pre-Islamic era when these two tribes were severely at war. Recalling these dreadful events, feelings of hatred and hostility emergedbetween al Awss and al Khazraj and each side called out ‘Weapons weapons’ preparing to go through war again!

A big crowd from both tribes prepared themselves for a new battle, when the angel Gibrìl informed Rasùlillãh ﷺabout it. The Prophet ﷺhurried to save them and as he arrived, he ﷺfound them raising their swords preparing to kill each other. Heﷺsaid: ‘Are you acting the way you did in the pre-Islamic era after I became amongst you and Allah has blessed you with Islam that made you stop any wrongdoing that occurred before it and He brought peace amongst you?” The two tribes knew then that it was a wicked act from the devil and a conspiracy from the Jews to drag them into the old conflict. Instantly, they put all their weapons down, and asked Allah for forgiveness and embraced each other as brothers and came back with RasùlAllah ﷺ. Allah revealed to him these ayãt from the Holy Quran:
{Ô you who believe, if you obey some of those who have been given the Scriptures they will turn you to act like disbelievers [who hate and kill each other] Andhow can you return to acting like disbelievers when Allah’s revelations are being recited to you and His Messenger is living among you? And whoever follows Allah’s commands and avoids wrongdoing in obedience to Him will be guided to the Right Path Ô you who believe,be mindful of Allah as is His due, do what pleases Him, avoid what He forbids, do not disobey Him, and make sure you devote yourselves to Him till your dying moment } –Sùrat ãl Imrãn: 100-102.

Rasùlullãhﷺ has described the state of the Ummah nowadays as he ﷺsaid: [Ô people, Allah tells you to enjoin what is right and forbid the wrongor else there will come a time when you call for me and I shall not answer you, and you will ask me and I shall not respond and you will seek my support for your victory and I shall not give it to you].

And Abu el Dardã- radiyaLLãhu ‘anhu- said: “You should enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong or else Allah will send you a tyrannical, unjust ruler who does not show dignity towards the elderly nor mercy and compassion towards the children. And the best people amongst you shall make du’ã that will not be answered nor fulfilled, they will ask for victory but they will not get it, and they will ask Allah for forgiveness but He will not grant it to them.”
This means after staying away from Allah’s commands of enjoining what is right and abandoning what is wrong, for several decades, Allah will send us unjust rulers and unmerciful enemies who will keep on fueling our conflicts by all means, and we will respond to their wicked plans and keep on fighting each other. When this happens, even the best people among us will make duaa for Allah to relieve the ummah from this burden of this test, but the duaa will not be answered nor fulfilled, and we will ask for victory but we will not get it and we will ask for forgiveness from the sins that caused these non-ending wars, but Allah will not forgive these sins. What shall we do then? If we have reached the time when Allah does not forgive us, from the sins that caused the non-ending fighting, when we ask for forgiveness?
There is a way out…a way to salvation: Let us recite salãt ‘ala nnabi for it is always accepted, as Rasùlullãh ﷺsaid: [ Whoever recites salãt upon me [i.e. salãt ‘ala nnabi] will have the angels send salãt upon him for as long as he is reciting salãt upon me]. Ahmad and Ibn Mãjah, sanad hasan as al Hãfedh al Haythamiy said. And salãt from the angels means istighfãr, i.e. that they are asking Allah to forgive us when we recite salãt ‘ala nnabi and Allah always accepts it from the angels but not from us. Also by reciting salãt ‘ala nnabi, Allah brings us out from darkness into light as He said in the Holy Quran:
{It is He who sends His salãt upon you, and His angels [send salãt upon you], to bring you out from darkness to light and He is ever merciful to the believers}-Sùrat al Ahzãb: 43

In addition to that, when we recite salãt ‘ala nnabi, RasùlAllah ﷺsends his salãt upon us as it is said in the Prophetic saying:[When one recites salãt upon me [i.e. salãt ‘al nnabi] his salãt will reach me and I will send my salãt upon him, and he will also be granted ten good deeds (hasanãt)]. Tabarãniy. And Allah said in the Holy Quran:
{…and send your salãt upon them [Ô Mohammad] for your salãt brings them peace and serenity}-Sùrat al Tawbah: 103.
Therefore, by Allah’s will, we will dedicate 300 salãt ‘ala nnabi to every Muslim in the world asking Allah 1) to send His salãt upon each Muslim and bring them out from darkness to light, and 2)that the Prophet ﷺsends his salãt upon them to fill their hearts with peace and serenity and 3) that the angels send their salãt upon them, byasking Allah to forgive themfor the sins that caused the conflict and hatred amongst Muslims worldwide.
Based on this intention, our slogan for Hajj this year is:
“By His Grace, you became brothers”
–Sùrat ãl Imrãn: 103.
Participate with us in gaining Allah’s Ridã and in bringing happiness and joy to the heart of our beloved Prophetﷺ.
Truly, what the Muslims of our Ummah need the most nowadays is for Allah tobring their hearts together