Dr Mohammad Mhanna

Dr Mohammad Mhanna

Bismillāhi ar-Rahmāni ar-Rahīm

Al Salãt wal salãm upon the best of Messengers, and upon his family,

descendants and companions.

{Kalimatan Tayibah, ka shajaratin Tayyibah, asluhã thãbit wa far’uhã fil samã’ * tu-tì ukulahã kulla hinin bi idhni rabbihã(1) /… a good word like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed [in the ground] and its branches [high] in the sky, it produces its fruit all the time, by permission of its Lord…}  . The word holds the meanings and reality of all the universe, {innamã amruhu idhã arãda shay-an an yaqùla lahu kun fa yakun(2) / His [Allah’s] command is when He wills something He says to it ‘Kun/Be’ and it happens}   and with it everything is made, and everything in life is in order. And with one word that Abu Bakr -radiyaLLãhu ‘annhu- said, Allah protected the Ummah [from going astray] when the Prophet -salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam- passed away: people were stunned as they faced that painful and tormenting situation [the death of their Prophet -salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam-]. Moreover, this word, that Allah granted those who are working on this series, is truly Kalimah Tayibah, a good word, that aims at teaching and educating the young generations based on the three building blocks of religion:  Islam Imãn, Ihsãn.

[And the teachings were conveyed] from the world of shahãdah, to the world of ghayb / the unseen, then to the ghayb al ghayb/ the secrets of the unseen, with simplicity and depth all at the same time.

These traits are what our curriculums have been lacking in the field of education for over a decade. Therefore, I ask Allah ta’ãlã to grant His permission for this blessed series to be spread out among all creation, with all its content, and for it to be of great benefit for our children who are the future of this Ummah; what is intended purely for the sake of Allah remains, lasts and becomes connected to Him. 

Dr Mohammad Mhanna

Consultant of al-Imam al-Akbar, Sheikh al Azhar ‘Dr. Ahmad Al Khatib’

In charge of Al Azhar al Sharif

Professor in al Azhar Uni versity –Egypt

30 Shawwãl 1436 H

15 August 2015