Dr Omar Abdullah Kãmel

Dr Omar Abdullah Kãmel

Bismillāhi ar-Raḥmāni ar-Raḥīm

Al Hamdulillãh… All praise be to Allah who taught man by the pen, and taught him things he did not know, and may Allah send His salãt and salãm on His Prophet, the one who spread determination and motivation by Allah’s generosity, and on his family, descendants and companions.

Experts in education have agreed all together that the misery of this Ummah is due to the flaws and defects of curriculums and teachers. Sila series has made the initiative of producing modern books with drawings and diversified explanatory methods, divided into levels to gradually introduce religious teachings for Arabs and non-Arabs who are willing to learn Islamic teachings in a smooth simplified manner, as a preliminary step before enrolling into deeper levels of Islamic education.

We are in desperate need of such books nowadays! Now that extremism has spread everywhere and new parties have appeared, assuming they are doing good, when in fact they are bringing harm and losing instead of winning, due to their lack of knowledge and due to their affiliation to anyone who has a new claim; they are also those who have claimed that the violence and the bloodshed is true religion when it is actually the complete opposite! For Allah described His Prophet –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam- with these words:

{bil mu’minìna ra-ùfun rahìm /towards the believers, (he is) compassionate}(1), and with this ãyah {wa mã arsalnãka illã rahmatan lil ‘ãlamìn / And We have not sent you [O Muhammad] but a mercy for mankind}(2) . Upon reading these divine words, we find that what Sila series is achieving, along with other publications, by using modernized methods while preserving the authenticity [of religion], is the practical response [to those falsified claims] towards making things right.

Al Hamdulillãh at the beginning and at the end, and we ask Allah to send His salãt and salãm upon the best of mankind [Sayyidinã Mohammad –salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam-].

Dr Omar Abdullãh Kãmel

Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia