Dr. Siham Umar

Dr. Siham Umar

Bismillāhi ar-Raḥmāni ar-Raḥīm

The ‘Kalimah Tayibah’ series continues to provide us with books structured to develop the beliefs,  language, morals and behavior of the student through learning and enjoyment. This book follows up-to-date methods that stimulate the mind, provoke questions and achieve creativity. It connects the child with the family, society, nation and Ummah, and gives them a sense of their role and significance. It connects children with their fundamentals, roots and history and provide them with religious education and knowledge through dialogue, songs, stories, and different skills which form the basis of active learning, and makes the learner the core of the educational process.

May Allah bless your efforts and help you and guide you in your endeavor. I look forward to the continuation of this series as the generations to come are in need of such books in order to understand and recognize their identity and affiliation and to increase their pride in their civilization and its message.

Dr. Siham Hajj Umar,

University of Damascus,

Damascus, 2013