Habib Abu Bakr al Adani Ibn Ali al Mashhur

Habib Abu Bakr al Adani Ibn Ali al Mashhur

Bismillāhi ar-Raḥmāni ar-Raḥīm


The task of educating the younger generations continues to be a difficult and complicated one, especially in modern society where culture and education are interdependent, and suffer from that interdependence on all levels – social, intellectual, and political. It has now become vitally important to renew educational methods in accordance with the facts of reality and the latest developments.


A number of people in the field of education realized the importance of this task, including the authors of this excellent educational book, which is unique in its methods and production. Fundamentally, the series seeks to build a generation that is aware of its religion without neglecting the matters of this life through its educational content. This is achieved through lessons that seek to communicate this idea to the student through sentences, words or even down to the letter, and this is mainly done by forming a clear image in the students’ mind. This may yield results on a continual basis and over the long term, so that a mature generation will develop and will be able to confront the waves of other cultures.


I was very happy as I read the book subject by subject. I felt that the intended goals can be achieved and in the shortest time, especially if the teacher is dedicated and motivated.


The teachers who undertake the education of upcoming generations for the sake of knowledge are like the unknown soldiers who form the person and shape their positive knowledge. By contrast the teachers who undertake the education of upcoming generations only as a job, carry the seed of frustration and failure and plant it in confused souls.


The production of this educational book for primary students represents a bold initiative – in fact it represents a new approach to the conscious mind. We can say that it is taking the first clear steps to building a promising Muslim generation, if Allah wills, along with similar books.
We ask Allah to grant success to the project and to everybody involved. Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs.

Habib Abu Bakr al Adani Ibn Ali al Mashhur

Aden, Yemen,

January 2007