Bismillah al-Rahmãn Al-Rahìm With the help of Allah ta’ãlã, we intend to gather 160 billion salãt ‘ala nnabii – from Al Mawlid Al Nabawiy ending The Eve of Eid al Fitr – equivalent to 100 salãt for every muslim around the world: “Allãhumma salli ‘alã Sayidinã Mohammad wa ãlihi wa sallim ” Or “ Allãhumma salli ‘alã Sayidinã Mohammad wa ãlihi wa sahbihi wa sallim“.

The 160 billion salāt ‘ala nnabi campaign dedicated to every muslim around the world on the eve of Eid al Fitr with one intention: Allah fulfills one hundred of his needs in the current life and afterlife.

How marvelous the affection and compassion of Rasùlillãh towards his Ummah is… He is keen on putting an end to the suffering of each and every Muslim in both life (al Dunyã) and after-life(al-Ãkhirah). Allah describes His Prophet in the Holy Quran in Sùrat al Tawbah:128 which means: certainly a Messenger has come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your falling into distress, excessively solicitous towards you; to the believers (he is) compassionate}. His concern for His Ummah is that of a father for his children and much more.

So many times has Rasùlullãh stood in total submission to Allah, his eyes full of tears, his heart pleading and making duã’: ‘Ô My Lord, Rescue my Ummah, Rescue my Ummah’. Let us gather all our efforts and try to bring happiness to the blessed heart of Rasùlillãh Labbayka ya RasùlAllah in your Ummah! By Allah’s generosity, help and support, we were able to exceed the count of 7 billion salãt wa salãm ‘ala nnabi – the number of the world population.

We dedicated them to Rasùlillãh and then from him to every human being on earth. This time, Allah inspired us to have a new intention, based on the saying (hadìth) of the Prophet : Jãbir narrated that Rasùlullãh said: “Whoever recites salãt upon me [salãt ‘ala nnabi] one hundred times each day, then Allah fulfills one hundred of his needs, seventy in the afterlife, and thirty in the current life.” – (Ibn al Qayyim in ‘Jalã’ al Afhãm’ and after reporting it he said: Al Hãfidh Abù Mùsã al Mudayniy said that this is hadìth hasan).

Therefore, with Allah’s help, support and generosity, and by the blessings of Rasùlillãh we intend to gather 160 billion salãt and salãm ‘ala nnabi . Our campaign begins on the Prophet’s birthday and ends on the eve of Eid al Fitr of the Hijri year 1437. We dedicate one hundred salãt and salãm ‘ala nnabi to every Muslim, asking Allah to relieve the suffering of the Ummah of Sayyidinã Mohammad and hoping that Allah fulfills one hundred need for each and every Muslim in his life and afterlife. With this intention in our hearts, let us gather our efforts and support our beloved Rasùlillãh and contribute in
making the upcoming Eid al Fitr a real celebration for the whole Ummah in sha’ALLAH!