Book 2

Bismillah al-Rahmãn al-Rahìm / In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Goals of Book 2 ( Kalimah Tayyibah series) :


  • Know that the religion that Allah has commanded all the Prophets and Messengers to spread is
    Islam, and this religion showed the proper way to worship and obey Allah.
  • Explain that when the Prophets were spreading the message of Islam, Allah sent miracles with
    them that no human could have made.
  • List the stages of the creation of Prophet Adam -alayhi ssalãm- ad the sujùd of the angels for him
    and Iblìs refusing to do, as well as the creation of Sayyidah Hawwã’ -alayhã ssalãm-.
  • Describe al Jannah that Allah has granted for Sayyidina Adam and Sayyidah Hawwã’ -alayhimã
    salam- and that was their first home.
  • Know the birth of the Prophet Mohammad -salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam-and the events that occurred
    during his early childhood.
  • Name few character traits of the Prophet -salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam- and the effect of his barakah on
    those who took care of him.
  • Explain, in a simple manner, few Sùrat from the Holy Quran (Al-Falaq, Al-Nãss).
  • Identify that wudù (ablution) is a condition for salãt, specifying the acts that nullify it.
  • Name the adhkãr and the du’ã that a Muslim needs to recite before, during and after salãt.
  • Recite what he memorized from the Holy Quran during hi salãt and in different timings to
    become closer to Allah.
  • Know the greatness of the Holy Quran and its importance in organizing one’s life matters on a
    personal level and for all Muslims on a global scale.
  • Fill his heart with the love of Allah and His Prophet -salla LLãhu alayhi wa sallam-.
  • Obey Allah’s commands and avoid everything Allah forbids from doing.
  • Feel submission to Allah while performing the five daily salãt.