Kalimah Tayyibah

“Lã ilaha illa LLãh”

In the name of Allah, seeking strength and power only from ALLAH, and deriving from Rasùlillãh –salla LLãhu ‘alayhi wa sallam-, we plant in the hearts of our children the seed of Kalimah Tayibah, the blessed word of ‘Lã ilãha illaLLãh, Mohammad Rasùlullãh’.

Our hearts are full of faith in Allah that He will instill in our children’s hearts this blessed word which will  grow into a pure and true doctrine that will flourish in our children’s hearts and minds as they develop the beautiful qualities of Rasùlillãh –salla LLãhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. With the love of Allah and His Prophet –salla LLãhu ‘alayhi wa sallam- installed in their hearts, the branches of faith – shu’ab al Imãn- will gradually start manifesting in their behavior such as kindness in their words, goodness in their actions, purity in their hearts, high enthusiasm and motivation, devotion, obedience and submission to their parents, mercy, forgiveness, generosity, decency and etiquette, modesty, sincerity and purity, sense of appreciation and contentment with all what Allah brings, pleasure of giving, wishing the best for others, respect towards all creation, etc.

By expecting the best from Allah Al-Hãdì Al-Karìm we have full faith that He will make our children acquire and manifest all of the branches of faith for them to taste the real meaning of happiness in the present life and in the after-life and for them to become a source of happiness and goodness for other people as well.

Allah revealed to Rasùlillãh –salla LLãhu ‘alayhi wa sallam- the hadìth qudsiy:

{I will grant My servant what he expects from me, so he may expect what he wishes}

O Allah, we always expect the best from You!

Al Hamdulillãh who inspired this project and allowed it to start, and Al Hamdulillãh Al-Wakìl, Al-Hãdì to whom, with total submission, we fully entrust and delegate the fulfillment and success of this project.