“Revival of the Muslims’ Hearts” Campaign
The Spiritual Awakening


{Know that Allah revives the earth after its death}
Bismillãh Al Rahmãn Al Rahìm
All praise is [due] to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the one whom He sent as mercy to all the worlds, and upon his family and all his companions.

Allah ta’ãlã says in the Holy Quran:
{ Has not the time come for the hearts of those who believe to be submissive upon hearing dhikruLLãh (remembrance of Allah) and the truth [of the Quran] that Allah has sent down. Let them not be similar to those who previously received the [Divine] Book and after time had passed, their hearts hardened [unaffected by the truth] and many of them were transgressors (16) Know that Allah revives the earth after its death [and softens the hearts that were hard]. We have made signs clear for you that you may understand (17) Those who give charity from men and women (al mussaddiqìn and al mussaddiqãt*), and those who lend Allah a goodly loan, [their charity] will be multiplied and generously rewarded} – Sùrat al Hadìd: 16-18.

A dead land is a land with no seeds in it for whatever rains befall it, it will not sprout and may stay this way for hundreds of years. If Allah wills to give it life, He sends fertilizing winds upon it. These winds will carry numerous seeds, which they will scatter over this land and once the rain falls, this land yields fruits and becomes alive after being lifeless. As Allah ta’ãlã said in the Holy Quran:
{And We have sent the fertilizing winds then We sent down water from the sky providing you with sufficient drink, and you have no control over its storage [nor can you prevent it from falling]} – Sùrat al Hijr: 22.

The same applies to the lifeless hearts: they hear dhikruLLãh and are unaffected; they hear the Holy Quran, the sermons, the spiritual lectures and the supplication and are unaffected. They do not learn the moral behind illnesses, death and other tragedies in life.

What is the Solution?
The solution would be to send a gift to these hearts that would act as the seeds to the soil. Then, once these hearts receive the descending mercy upon hearing the Quran, dhikruLLãh, spiritual lectures, du’ã and upon receiving the mercies of the month of Ramadan, they will be revived by Allah’s will.

For that purpose, we plan to gather 1600 billion salãt and salãm ‘ala nnabi ﷺ from the beginning of Muharram of the Hijri year 1438 till Laylat al Qadr of the Holy month of Ramadan. In Laylat al Qadr (the Night of Decree), the reward of one good deed performed outweighs the reward of good deeds performed in one thousand months (83 years). On that night, we will dedicate 1000 salãt and salãm ‘ala nnabi ﷺ to every Muslim in the world, asking Allah to revive his/her heart the same way He revives a dead land and brings it back to life.
Hoping that the Hijri year 1438 is the year of the “Revival of the Muslims’ hearts”.

We refer to what was mentioned in the hadìth reported by Anas Bin Mãlik –radiya LLãhu ‘anhu, he said: Rasùlullãh ﷺ said: [Whoever recites salãt upon me –i.e. salãt ‘ala nnabi- one thousand times a day will see his place in al Jannah before he dies] (Ibn Shãhìn in al targhìb wal diyã in al ahãdìth al mukhtãrah).

Allah says in the Holy Quran {Know that Allah revives the earth after its death} then directly after it, He says {innal mussaddiqìna wal mussaddiqãt}* meaning those who give charity (sadaqah).
Ibnul Qayyim and other scholars said that, for those passing through times of poverty and hardship, reciting salãt ‘ala nnabi ﷺ is equivalent to giving charity, referring to what Ibn Habbãn narrated in his sahìh from Abì Sa’ìd al Khudriy –radiya LLãhu ‘anhu- that Rasùlullãh ﷺ said: [Any Muslim who does not have the means to giving charity (sadaqah) shall say in his du’ã: ‘Allãhomma salli ‘alã Mohammadin ‘abdika wa rasùlika, wa salli ‘alal mu’minìna wal mu’minãt, wal muslimìna wal muslimãt / Ô Allah send your salãt upon Mohammad Your servant and Your Messenger, and send Your salãt upon the believers (men and women) and the Muslims (men and women)’ for this [du’ã] is considered as an act of charity (Zakãt)].

The word {al mussaddiqìn} also refers to those who have certainty and belief (tasdìq) in Allah’s promise. Therefore, the fact that Allah inspired us to have this particular intention for the new campaign and opened the doors for us to spread it, makes us have absolute certainty that He will grant us all what we asked for because He said in the hadìth Qudsiy:
{{I will grant My servant what he expects from Me}}.

A great example about the revival of the heart is the story of Omar Ibnul Khattãb whose heart was lifeless. Once Allah willed to give it life, He revealed to His beloved Prophet ﷺ to supplicate:
‘Ô Allah, glorify Islam with one of these two men [either Omar Ibnul Khattãb or Amr Ibnu Hishãm]’ (Al Tirmidhiy in his Sunan).

The du’ã of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ hit the heart of Omar Ibnul Khattãb and was similar to the seed that Allah plants into the ground. When, later on, Sayyidinã Omar –radiya LLãhu ‘anhu- heard the recitation of the Quran from his sister Fãtimah Bintul Khattãb, the mercy of the Quran descended into his heart and reached the seed inside it; at that moment, Allah revived his heart…

In the Quran, Allah referred to Omar Ibnul Khattãb saying: {Is one who[se heart] was lifeless and whom We revived giving him a light to walk by among mankind…} and to Amr Ibnu Hishãm (known as Abu Jahl) {… similar to one who is in the darkness from which he can never come out…}- Sùrat al An’ãm: 122. (As told by al Dahhãk).

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, the beloved of Rasùlillãh ﷺ, participate in this campaign by reciting salãt and salãm ‘ala nnabi ﷺ in abundance and spreading it among your loved ones and your acquaintances with the intention of reviving your hearts and theirs. We ask Allah to be among those whom Allah refers to in the Holy Quran: {…Not equal among you are those who spent [for the sake of Allah] before the conquest [of Makkah] and fought [and those who did so after it]. Those are greater in degree than they who spent afterwards and fought. But to all, Allah has promised the best [reward]. And Allah is aware of everything you do.}- Sùrat al Hadìd:10

Similarly, those who become the reason for the Muslims’ hearts to be revived and filled with faith (Imãn) are not equal to those who settle for having Imãn in their hearts and do not reach out to others. Yet, Allah promised both the most beautiful of rewards.
Be a reason for the Spiritual Awakening of Muslims!

Let us remember what Rasùlullãh ﷺ said:
[By Allah, if Allah wills that one single person is guided to the straight path because of you, then it is better for you than owning red camels [the most precious of possessions]. (Sahl bin Sa’d, Muttafaq ‘alayh).
And he ﷺ said [If Allah wills that one single person is guided to the straight path because of you, then it is better for you than everything the sun sets and rises upon.] (Al Tabarãniy from Abì Rãfi’).
And he ﷺ said [If Allah wills that one single person is guided to the straight path because of you, then it is better for you than this wordly life (dunyã) and everything in it]. (Al Zuhd wal Raqã‘eq of Ibn al Mubãrak).

Participate with us in what would please our Lord and bring joy to the heart of our beloved Prophetﷺ as the greatest thing the Muslims are in need of is Allah ta’ãlã reviving their hearts.